About Us

The Birth of the Company

The company was conceived as an idea after the birth of their daughter in 2001 and Preetibala wanted to quit her corporate job to be with her baby  (she has worked in top level management positions in various hotels around the world, her last stint was at the beautiful Quail Lodge in Carmel,CA where she was a Director of Rooms).  She had just got new draperies done for her own new home, with the help of her Mom in India, and her neighbor also wanted some for their home.  And therein was a brilliant idea of getting custom drapes done in India and getting these shipped.  Having decorated  many homes in Monterey and  after winning many Home Awards at prestigious shows in San Francisco and New York, the company evolved over the years and is now part of the home décor business.

Designer / CEO Story

Preetibala chose Monterey, CA as a beautiful, inspiring location to put the roots of the company. The natural scenery of the bay, the stunning vistas, the gorgeous landscape were the perfect place to get her creative juices flowing. She had always loved design and color since she was a child. The company which started out as a hobby has since become a professional company and Divine Designs products are now seen in many homes all across USA.

Preetibala is an expert in the art of dressing a window, seating, bed or a table. She has a superior taste for the most opulent textures, weaves, patterns, colors and designs. She is a woman of vision and believes that there is a new awareness among American consumers and they are wanting more of a Global vibe in their home. Divine Designs brings just that .. An Ethnic Global aesthetics with a hint of contemporary.  Preetibala has stayed true to her roots and brings her passion of Indian patterns and techniques to her work and designs.

Himanshu has been involved in the company since the beginning, first in an honorary position, even though he was running a fine dining restaurant in Monterey. Then when the company needed more out of him, he sold his restaurant and gave Divine Designs his full attention. He brings his expertise of management and operations to the table. He is in charge of all day to day operations and order fulfillments and has been instrumental in taking the company to higher heights. Customer satisfaction is # 1 priority and we pride ourselves in having very minimal or no customer issues at all.

Since then the company has moved to Dallas TX, and Himanshu and Preeti have expanded the company and have now included more home décor products to their repertoire.


 The philosophy herein is simple enough -- your dreams and our designs - together we will create a world so beautiful and oh so DIVINE!